Arcadia Marsh
The Arcadia Marsh Boardwalk

Arcadia Marsh

On the eve of my birthday, I’m feeling a bit moody and reflective. I’m currently working on some images from my recent trip back to Michigan, while also contemplating my life. This past year has been full of blessings, heartache, trials, and loss. I felt this picture captured what my heart is feeling today. Although the color image is just as beautiful, I wanted to showcase the clouds that followed us that morning on our hike. I hope you will find it as moving as I do.

But what I really wanted you to see is the amazing beauty of nature and it’s ability to restore your energy. This beautiful sanctuary in Arcadia, Michigan gives visitors respite, and provides a thriving habitat for all kinds of birds, insects, reptiles, and flora. Every time I go to visit family in Northern Michigan, I make sure to stop by and take the opportunity to bond with nature. It is quiet, and soothing for the soul. You will hear the calls of many species of birds, the gentle breeze of the wind caresses your skin, and the landscape will burn into your memory for years to come. Bonus win is that it is free to the public. If you ever find yourself in Michigan, make the time to visit the marsh.

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